Braces Removal – starting at $25 per imageBracesRemoval


Taming Windblown Hair – starting at $25 an imageWindBlownHair B&A

All retouching services having a starting price and can go up from that based on the severity or busyness within the photograph. For a more accurate estimate I would be happy to evaluate the image you have in mind.

For best results I suggest only using images with a resolution of 150dpi or higher. For older images I will consider scanning them to an appropriate size and creating a digital retouched image.

I reserve the right to reject an image for retouching based on its size or low resolution. I will not make any edits to an image that has another company’s logo attached or printed anywhere on front or back of the image unless you have written permission for me to do so.

For a retouching service not listed here please contact me with as much detail as possible and I will be happy to consider and give an estimate based on the information you provide.

All prices are subject to change.