Jun 19

Photographing Spring Flowers

I love to photograph nature and after a long winter in New England there is not much better than seeing some bright spring flowers start appearing!

Daffodils are such happy looking flowers and definatly are a favorite to see early on in spring around here! We have some bright yellow ones and the whiter ones like this one in the picture!

Bleeding Hearts are another one I love to see! There name may sound sad, but I think they are just beautiful!! I love how the flowers on these line up in rows. Sometimes they are a challenge to photograph because of that, getting the focus right can take some time, but once you get one it is very satisfying!

Tulips are so much fun because they come in so many wonderful colors and are just a joyful looking flower in general! I also love to photograph these guys backlit by the sun as I feel it shows off their true beauty and colors the best!

Dandelions bloom all spring summer and fall around here, and many seem to think they are just pesky because they will almost grow anywhere and multiply in what seems like seconds! I think they have their own beauty and really love to see them throughout the yard. Plus, as Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh says “weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”

Thanks for looking! Feel free to share what your favorite spring flowers are in the comments!!


Jul 15

Walk at the Audubon

I went for a walk at a local Audubon Center back in May. Here are some of my images from that walk. 8507-Audubon5-18-15 8529-Audubon5-18-15 PondPanoramic-Audubon5-18-15 TreePanoramic-Audubon5-18-15~Holly