Nov 19

6 Awesome Fall Themed Gifts

6 Awesome Fall Themed Gifts
6 Awesome Fall Themed Gifts

I think we can all safely say we know someone who loves all things fall. Maybe you even are one of those people yourself. Well look no further for gift ideas or a treat for yourself, here are 6 great fall themed gift items!

Happy Fall Red Truck Decor
Happy Fall Red Truck Decor

#1. The red truck for Christmas items has been extremely popular recently, so much that it has started finding its way into other holidays/seasons too. Here it is filled with leaves for a lovely burst of fall color on a wall! This is a framed piece of art made of vinyl put on the back side of the glass and a decorative paper background featuring pumpkins! It is truly a unique fall piece that would make any fall lover’s day! Find this awesome fall item here!

Be Thankful Glass Cutting Board
Be Thankful Glass Cutting Board

#2. Looking for something small? Maybe for one who loves to cook or always hosts Thanksgiving? This small glass cutting board would make the perfect addition to any kitchen in the fall! It is 7.5″ in diameter so it makes a perfect small gift and is great price too if your budget is low. Take a look here for this great find!

Give Thanks In All Things Mug
Give Thanks In All Things Mug

#3. The perfect item for those fall lovers who enjoy coffee, tea or even some hot cider maybe! This teal mug features the phrase “In All things Give Thanks” in bright orange and a metallic bronze color. It would surely be a favorite for anyone who loves pumpkin spice anything too! Find this beautiful mug here!

Felt Pumpkin Ornament
Felt Pumpkin Ornament

#4. Another great low budget friendly gift, which would also be a great item for anyone who lives in a small space, but still wants a touch of fall. This pumpkin is a perfect little gift that can be great for both Halloween and Thanksgiving-basically all fall season long! It can hang from most anywhere while adding a some nice fall colors to the space. Adopt this adorable little guy for yourself or a friend here!

Personalized Sunflower Kitchen Towel
Personalized Sunflower Kitchen Towel

#5. Do you know a fall enthusiast who loves sunflowers and/or personalized items? This would make a perfect gift! A personalized kitchen towel with a gorgeous sunflower. There is the option to have the sunflower in bright yellow as shown in the picture above or just have it as the black outline you see. Check out this great personalized gift here!

Happy Fall Sign
Happy Fall Sign

#6. Last but certainly not least is this great “Happy Fall Sign”. This one also comes with options for the 3 colors you see here in this image or for the design to be all in black on the white canvas. The frame is hand stained and overall has a nice rustic feel. It also has the option to have hanging hardware added to the back or to leave as is to use on a shelf. It is a light enough piece that command strips could easily hold it in place, which makes it the perfect gift for someone who rents or maybe a college dorm even! Find this gorgeous sign here!

Hope you enjoyed these great fall themed items and are able to find the perfect fall gift!


Jun 19

Photographing Spring Flowers

I love to photograph nature and after a long winter in New England there is not much better than seeing some bright spring flowers start appearing!

Daffodils are such happy looking flowers and definatly are a favorite to see early on in spring around here! We have some bright yellow ones and the whiter ones like this one in the picture!

Bleeding Hearts are another one I love to see! There name may sound sad, but I think they are just beautiful!! I love how the flowers on these line up in rows. Sometimes they are a challenge to photograph because of that, getting the focus right can take some time, but once you get one it is very satisfying!

Tulips are so much fun because they come in so many wonderful colors and are just a joyful looking flower in general! I also love to photograph these guys backlit by the sun as I feel it shows off their true beauty and colors the best!

Dandelions bloom all spring summer and fall around here, and many seem to think they are just pesky because they will almost grow anywhere and multiply in what seems like seconds! I think they have their own beauty and really love to see them throughout the yard. Plus, as Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh says “weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”

Thanks for looking! Feel free to share what your favorite spring flowers are in the comments!!


Apr 19

Easter Items, grab them before it’s too late!

I have some great Easter Items that are available and can still get to you in time for Easter!!!

First up I have some brightly colored Easter Egg cards you can grab here that are sure to brighten up anyone’s day!

Easter Egg Handmade Greeting Cards

I also have some really cute and customizable Easter basket tags for you to label each child’s Easter basket or you can choose to leave them blank to write your own special message to them! Find these in several color combinations here!

Easter Basket Tags

Do you have a big gathering for Easter? Or do you like to make each child’s Easter basket extra special? Or maybe you could even have the Easter Bunny decorate the whole table not just the baskets!!! This super cute Easter confetti is the perfect thing for you and there are only a limited supply available so act fast! Grab the rest up here!

Easter Egg & Bunny Confetti

If you have young babies or toddlers I have a few great options for them too! Baby bodysuits with Easter themes! One version has an Easter Egg design and says “Just Hatched”. Would be so cute for any brand new spring babies to wear for Easter or even just a spring photo shoot! I also have another design with a Bunny Driving a Monster Truck, which can be personalized with their name! There are boy and girl options of each, so a little something for everyone!

Find the Just Hatched Baby Bodysuit Here and Find the Personalized Easter Bunny Monster Truck Design Here

Just Hatched Baby Bodysuit Design
Easter Monster Truck Baby Bodysuits

Thanks for looking and hope you and your families have a very Happy Easter!! -Holly

Jul 15

Walk at the Audubon

I went for a walk at a local Audubon Center back in May. Here are some of my images from that walk. 8507-Audubon5-18-15 8529-Audubon5-18-15 PondPanoramic-Audubon5-18-15 TreePanoramic-Audubon5-18-15~Holly

Jun 14

Basketball Action Shots

Here are some action shots I put together of Torey & Zach playing some basketball a few weeks ago.

2838ToreyBBallB 2847ZachBBallBHolly


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May 14

Gulf Coast – Gulfport, MS

On our April road trip we saw the Gulf coast for the first time in Mississippi, at dusk. At first, I was sad it wasn’t daylight. However, after looking at a few of my shots on the camera, I realized this lighting was way better anyway!

1855B 1859B 1871B 1987B 1998B 2036B GulfPanoramic-01-smallBHolly

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May 14

Audubon Zoo New Orleans, LA

During our April road trip down to Mississippi we were able to go over to LA and check out the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

Here are my favorite’s!

0831B 0973B 0980B 1081B 1181B 1201B 1249B 1317B 1571B 1637B


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Jul 13

Road Trip 2013 – Pink Heals Tour, Nashville

This is my personal favorite group of pictures from our entire trip. Not based on their quality or content as much as how much this part of this particular day meant to me. We were spending time on Broadway in Nashville, just to walk around and look at souvenirs and such. As we headed back to the car we came across a pink fire truck. Of course, the color pink always means I need a picture. We turned the corner and the entire street was lined with pink emergency vehicles. All of these vehicles were covered in signatures, notes and messages. Alex, being the shy person he is (Not) went up and asked a lady what the trucks were all about. They are called “The Pink Heals Tour” and are touring the country raising money and awareness for women’s health in general, not just cancer.

As some may know, I lost my Grammy to breast cancer last fall. We asked if I could sign her name on the trucks and of course they said yes.


We miss you Grammy!


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Jul 13

Road Trip 2013 – Nashville Zoo part 2

The rest of the Zoo pictures!

805LP812LP820LP821LP829LP845LPGiraffes with attitude!


Red Panda

1294LPSleepy Cougar…

1301LPShoes! I just liked this photo I took, it doesn’t have anything to do with the zoo….






1450LPAlex has a friend…. the goat was following him for a while.


And that’s the rest of the Zoo photos! Next up is photos from the Parthenon in Nashville.


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Jul 13

Road Trip 2013 – Nashville Zoo part 1

Our first day in Nashville we started off by going to the Nashville Zoo. Of course I took a ton of pictures. Enough that I am going to split them between two posts.
2013-06-25 08.07.21 - LPWe started off our day with a Starbucks stop of course. (Remember I said I took a picture of all of them?)

2013-06-25 08.11.36 - LPMacchiatto is ready to head to the Zoo!

590LPWe left from Kingston, TN for Nashville early. About 15 minutes west of Kingston you pass the timezone. So it turned out to be a 2 hour drive into Nashville.

592LPAlmost there!

598LPNashville Newsie? ( I currently work for a local paper and can’t even get away from papers on vacation… they are everywhere!)

608LPWe made it!

614LPAlex as we headed into the park. This was only his second Zoo and the first that had this many different animals, so he was very excited.

616LP629LP636LP639LP641LP662LPI am a sucker for flowers. Found a lot of cute flowers throughout the trip!

668LP670LP673LP676LP678LP701LP702LP705LP714LP720LP723LP727LP742LP747LPLorakeets Exhibit. We were able to walk right into this exhibit and feed the lorakeets nectar from little cups. Alex loved interacting with them and I enjoyed being close enough to get good pictures! This exhibit also made me wish my dad could have come, he would have loved all the different birds we got to see, especially these! Hope you like the pictures Daddy!


I will post the rest of the Zoo pictures very soon! In the meantime you can subscribe to the blog or follow my facebook page to stay updated about my posts!


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