Jul 13

Road Trip 2013 – Julie’s Wedding Reception

Here are the rest of the photos from Julie’s Wedding!!

396LPThe gorgeous cake!!

400LPFavors at each place setting were heart-shaped cookie cutters with a special cookie recipe.

weddingview01smallLPThe view off the porch of the building where the reception was held.

424The horse carriage headed back to the stables. Also, one of the horses munching on some grass.

456LP465LPFirst Dance!

469LP471LPFather Daughter Dance!

472LP473LPMother and  Son Dance!

476LP477LP479LP481LP483LPThe new couple sang a duet for us!

484LPThe photographer got a photo of us together. It came out better in black and white.

486LP 487LP 492LP 495LP 496LPToasts to the Bride and Groom!

497LP 501LPGarter toss!

539LP 542LP 554LP 544LP 568LPDancing, Dancing, Dancing!!

Next up for Road Trip 2013 photos is our first day in Nashville!

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Jul 13

Road Trip 2013 – Julie’s Wedding Ceremony

My friend Julie’s Wedding was so beautiful and so much fun! Her and her husband John are so cute together! Julie and I met on a 6-week tour with the Continental Singers in the summer of 2005. In that time we became good friends and have kept it touch since then off and on. I was so honored that she invited me to her wedding after not seeing her for almost 8 years!  It was a great way to reunite as well as witness such a special day in her life!

Congratulations again John & Julie!

353LP357LPA bit blurry, but I thought it was cute, so i’m posting it anyway!

359LP360LP361LP362LP364LP365LP369LP370LP371LPLOVE this photo! They wrote their vows, John’s are the picture above and this was Julie’s “scroll” as she called it!


Next up are the Reception Photos!

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Jul 13

Road Trip 2013 – Fort Southwest Point, Kingston, TN

After we arrived in Kingston, TN we decided to check out the town a little. I was surprised we weren’t ready to just go straight to bed after such a long drive, but we weren’t. So after checking in to our hotel, we just drove around for a little while. It is a beautiful town and we came across Fort Southwest Point. It was technically closed, but we walked around a bit anyways for a few pictures….


Next up is Julie’s Wedding photos!!!!

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May 13

Crazy Kittens!

Kittens at the farm!

kittens04kittens10 kittens09 kittens08 kittens07 kittens06 kittens05 kittens03 kittens02 kittens01-Holly


Apr 13

Rainy Day Crocuses

PurpleCrocusThe purple crocuses outside look happy to see the rain today!


Apr 13

Comfy Cody

I went to the farm a few days ago, and it happened to be one of the first rather nice days so far this spring. Found one of my favorite horses, Cody sleeping or maybe sunbathing perhaps? Either way, he was so comfortable that I was able to get a few pictures before he realized I had brought carrots! cody01


See more photos from the farm on my facebook page!

Apr 13

Baby Goats!

I went to my Aunt & Uncle’s house for Easter and they recently got some goats! My cousin is interested in the many uses of goats milk, so they have a mommy goat and two babies (kids) currently. The male baby will not be staying, but they were all a joy to photograph!

The darker of the two babies is the female and the lighter one is the male.


babygoat03 babygoat02 babygoat01

See more of my goat images on my facebook page!!!

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Mar 13

Tired Pup


tiredpupMy grandfather’s dog all tuckered out and getting some attention.

Feb 13

February 2013 Blizzard

February 9th, 2013snow-1Snow on our porch.

snow-2Our stairs/new sledding hill and Landlords plowing away.

snow-4Sun finally came out shortly before setting with some beautiful coloring!

snow-3snow-5Low view from our downstairs door.  The main road is somewhere beyond the snowdrifts ahead.

snow-6Our sand bucket has some new camouflage.


Feb 13

Trip to Boston in February

Boston2-2-13I made a spur of the moment trip to Boston yesterday just for fun. Ending up not getting a whole lot of pictures simply because I got extremely cold and tired faster then I thought I would. However, it defiantly inspired me to go again when it is warmer and with a little more planing involved.


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