Road Trip 2013 – Julie’s Wedding Ceremony

My friend Julie’s Wedding was so beautiful and so much fun! Her and her husband John are so cute together! Julie and I met on a 6-week tour with the Continental Singers in the summer of 2005. In that time we became good friends and have kept it touch since then off and on. I was so honored that she invited me to her wedding after not seeing her for almost 8 years!  It was a great way to reunite as well as witness such a special day in her life!

Congratulations again John & Julie!

353LP357LPA bit blurry, but I thought it was cute, so i’m posting it anyway!

359LP360LP361LP362LP364LP365LP369LP370LP371LPLOVE this photo! They wrote their vows, John’s are the picture above and this was Julie’s “scroll” as she called it!


Next up are the Reception Photos!

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  1. Julie Calathes


    Johnny and I absolutely LOVE the photos you took at our wedding!! They look AMAZING!!!

    Love you,
    John and Julie

    • littlerollafilm

      Thank you! I enjoyed taking these pictures greatly! I had SO much fun at your wedding! I am posting the Reception pictures soon! Tried to today, but there are a lot… so I didn’t quite finish yet!
      Love you,

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