Apr 13

Comfy Cody

I went to the farm a few days ago, and it happened to be one of the first rather nice days so far this spring. Found one of my favorite horses, Cody sleeping or maybe sunbathing perhaps? Either way, he was so comfortable that I was able to get a few pictures before he realized I had brought carrots! cody01


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Jan 13

January Visit to the Farm

Today I visited the Live & Let Live Farm because it was beautiful outside (for January in NH) and they also have many new animals I wanted to get a chance to photograph.

AlexSuch a beautiful blue sky after the past 3 days of crazy New England weather.

KatieKatie gave us a hello as we walked by.

Tes Tes2Then we visited Tes, who was happy to pose for us!

Mascot&Alex-2 Goat-4 Goat-3 Goat-1 Goat-2The goats were happy as always to see us, and very disappointed we didn’t bring treats today.

ThunderThunder came to say hello, as well as prove his innocence of “not” eating off the hay truck.

Racer-2 Racer-1My new friend Racer, was happy have a visit as well.

Lola-6 Lola-5 Lola-3 Lola-2Lola, another new friend, was shy at first and then seemed to enjoy coming out in the sun for a few pictures!

farmbootsAnd this is what I look like after a muddy day visiting the animals at the farm.