Jul 15

Walk at the Audubon

I went for a walk at a local Audubon Center back in May. Here are some of my images from that walk. 8507-Audubon5-18-15 8529-Audubon5-18-15 PondPanoramic-Audubon5-18-15 TreePanoramic-Audubon5-18-15~Holly

May 14

Audubon Zoo New Orleans, LA

During our April road trip down to Mississippi we were able to go over to LA and check out the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

Here are my favorite’s!

0831B 0973B 0980B 1081B 1181B 1201B 1249B 1317B 1571B 1637B


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Jul 13

Road Trip 2013 – Nashville Zoo part 2

The rest of the Zoo pictures!

805LP812LP820LP821LP829LP845LPGiraffes with attitude!


Red Panda

1294LPSleepy Cougar…

1301LPShoes! I just liked this photo I took, it doesn’t have anything to do with the zoo….






1450LPAlex has a friend…. the goat was following him for a while.


And that’s the rest of the Zoo photos! Next up is photos from the Parthenon in Nashville.


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Jul 13

Road Trip 2013 – Nashville Zoo part 1

Our first day in Nashville we started off by going to the Nashville Zoo. Of course I took a ton of pictures. Enough that I am going to split them between two posts.
2013-06-25 08.07.21 - LPWe started off our day with a Starbucks stop of course. (Remember I said I took a picture of all of them?)

2013-06-25 08.11.36 - LPMacchiatto is ready to head to the Zoo!

590LPWe left from Kingston, TN for Nashville early. About 15 minutes west of Kingston you pass the timezone. So it turned out to be a 2 hour drive into Nashville.

592LPAlmost there!

598LPNashville Newsie? ( I currently work for a local paper and can’t even get away from papers on vacation… they are everywhere!)

608LPWe made it!

614LPAlex as we headed into the park. This was only his second Zoo and the first that had this many different animals, so he was very excited.

616LP629LP636LP639LP641LP662LPI am a sucker for flowers. Found a lot of cute flowers throughout the trip!

668LP670LP673LP676LP678LP701LP702LP705LP714LP720LP723LP727LP742LP747LPLorakeets Exhibit. We were able to walk right into this exhibit and feed the lorakeets nectar from little cups. Alex loved interacting with them and I enjoyed being close enough to get good pictures! This exhibit also made me wish my dad could have come, he would have loved all the different birds we got to see, especially these! Hope you like the pictures Daddy!


I will post the rest of the Zoo pictures very soon! In the meantime you can subscribe to the blog or follow my facebook page to stay updated about my posts!


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May 13

Crazy Kittens!

Kittens at the farm!

kittens04kittens10 kittens09 kittens08 kittens07 kittens06 kittens05 kittens03 kittens02 kittens01-Holly


Apr 13

Comfy Cody

I went to the farm a few days ago, and it happened to be one of the first rather nice days so far this spring. Found one of my favorite horses, Cody sleeping or maybe sunbathing perhaps? Either way, he was so comfortable that I was able to get a few pictures before he realized I had brought carrots! cody01


See more photos from the farm on my facebook page!

Apr 13

Baby Goats!

I went to my Aunt & Uncle’s house for Easter and they recently got some goats! My cousin is interested in the many uses of goats milk, so they have a mommy goat and two babies (kids) currently. The male baby will not be staying, but they were all a joy to photograph!

The darker of the two babies is the female and the lighter one is the male.


babygoat03 babygoat02 babygoat01

See more of my goat images on my facebook page!!!

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Mar 13

Tired Pup


tiredpupMy grandfather’s dog all tuckered out and getting some attention.

Jan 13

January Visit to the Farm

Today I visited the Live & Let Live Farm because it was beautiful outside (for January in NH) and they also have many new animals I wanted to get a chance to photograph.

AlexSuch a beautiful blue sky after the past 3 days of crazy New England weather.

KatieKatie gave us a hello as we walked by.

Tes Tes2Then we visited Tes, who was happy to pose for us!

Mascot&Alex-2 Goat-4 Goat-3 Goat-1 Goat-2The goats were happy as always to see us, and very disappointed we didn’t bring treats today.

ThunderThunder came to say hello, as well as prove his innocence of “not” eating off the hay truck.

Racer-2 Racer-1My new friend Racer, was happy have a visit as well.

Lola-6 Lola-5 Lola-3 Lola-2Lola, another new friend, was shy at first and then seemed to enjoy coming out in the sun for a few pictures!

farmbootsAnd this is what I look like after a muddy day visiting the animals at the farm.